Tai Chi

  • Tai Chi is an exercise system suitable for any age or fitness level
  • You will learn martial arts, healing, meditation and Energy or Chi
  • Gives improved fitness for your body, mind and spirit



  • Shiatu treatments use physical manipulation and stretches
  • Treatments improve the flow of the Chi within your body.
  • It is helpful for many health problems or for maintaining your health



  • The root of Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Yoga, Reiki and many other arts is Energy
  • Energy can be enhanced by learning meditation and exercises
  • Ki-Ways can offer Energy improvement exercises and meditation
  • Energy sensitivity training from beginner to advanced level

Taichi training Bourne

Healing with Nature

  • Nature heals
  • We are part of Nature and can use its Energy to heal ourselves
  • We will teach you how to connect to the healing Energies of Nature

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